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Representation by Essence Model Management is essential for aspiring models who…

…want to be launched into an international modelling career.

The dedicated team at Essence Model Management will use years of networking to YOUR advantage. We’ve already created relationships with established agencies in Toronto, Montreal, New York, and London, and we’ve earned the reputation of scouting and developing top talent. Our network and mentorship will help you to reach your career goals as a model.

…want to continue to live and work in Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

The international modelling world is not for everyone, and there are local opportunities for those who prefer to stay in Atlantic Canada. If your goals include modelling as a hobby more than a career, Essence Model Management will connect you with the local events to keep you involved with modelling as well as living in your own hometown.

…want to complete high school, attend University or College, or raise your family.

Essence Model Management celebrates continuing education and establishing a secure lifestyle outside of the modelling world. In most cases, having a well-rounded life makes for a well-rounded model, and we value our models’ choices to further their careers. We help our models to find a balance within lifestyle dynamics to stay on track with their modelling goals and follow other ambitions as well.